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becoming a can-college disa & referral fee options

Can-College College maintains a network of authorized international student and Immigration consultants/advocates who play an essential role in aiding prospective students through their application process while representing the College programs-procedures in professional and trustworthy manner.

If you are registered as a DISA member, your profile will be accessible to thousands of prospects worldwide via our website and mail campaigns. 

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Can-College offers "Student Referral benefits for RCIC and RISIA: A flat referral fee ofCAD 500-750.00 upon successful enrollment & completion of the program by the student in any one of the short term or full-time program."

Referral fee option is offered to all RCICs and RISIA's regardless if they are DISA member or not. No agreement is required with the college.

Referral fee payout policy & process

  • The referral fee will be from the proceeds of the student fees to the college. For example, if the total referral fee is Can$ 750, Can$375 will be paid upon completing the LOA process and 30 days after the start of the program. The remaining Can$375 will be paid upon receiving the full tuition fees from the applicant and within 30 days from the date of graduation.
  • How to claim the referral fee?  If you are an RCIC-RISIA and have referred a student who has successfully enrolled in one of our programs, please use this link and submit your referral fee claim. (Referral fees are paid within 3 to 5 business days from the date claim form is received,  via Interact or bank wire transfer.

If your client pays the full tuition fee before the start of the program, 75% of your referral fees will be paid within 3 to 7 business days from the date and time the program starts, and your claim is received via a secure form.

If your client is on a monthly payment plan, you will get 50% of your referral fee on the 30th day after the start of the program and the remaining 50% upon receiving the final tuition fee installment and within 30 days from the date of graduation.

    Special Updated Minimum Education Requirements:

    Mature Student Status ("MSA")  New
    If you are 19 years of age or older before the beginning of classes and you do not have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or its equivalent, you may apply as a mature student. Or students who do not possess the admission requirements from their academic transcripts/degrees ECA assessment will be required to complete a mature student assessment to determine their readiness for college studies.

    It’s Never Too Late to Start Your Education

    All mature student applications are considered individually; assessment to determine readiness for college studies may be required.
    Click here to read full details.

    Can-College Short Study Programs.

    Get your clients faster in Canada on a short-term study (6 months or less).

    1. Can$500-750  *Referral Fee for RCIC-RISIA.
    2. Visa application decision in 2 to 3 months despite COVID-19.
    3. Much less proof of funds requirements.
    4. No IELTS or such assessment required.
    5. No Upfront Tuition Fee.
    6. No age Limit.
    7. May bring family members once visa for principal applicant is approved.
    8. Easy admission and documentation process in one of Can-College’s BTP Programs.
    9. Can-College will provide LOA, Enrollment Contract, Invitation Letter and arrange Accommodation and Health Insurance Letter for visa application. (All included in LOA Fee).
    10.  Short study permit status can be changed to full-time study or work without leaving Canada (In Canada Process).
    11. You client can study at Can-College in Canada without a full-time study permit if the course or program lasts 6 months or less

    If your client already has a study permit and their study situation changes (for example, client wants to study for more than 6 months or apply for longer study or work permit) client can submit application without leaving Canada.

    Can-College is a DLI and offers comprehensive short study programs to individuals in regulated and high-demand occupations. Hundreds of applicants have benefited from this opportunity and settled in Canada.

    Click here for a list of Can-College short study programs.

    • The average tuition fee range for these programs is Can$2900–3950 (payable before the start of the program after arriving in Canada).
    • LOA / Admission Enrollment Fee: Can$500. Must be paid to process and receive LOA for visa application.
    • Regulatory/Licensing Research and Assessment Fee Can$399–450. Must be paid with the LOA fee.
    • Admission application and initial assessment can be submitted online and without any fee. Use this link for more information and application.
    • Once application is submitted, please allow 5–7 business days for a decision via email.         

    Current valid offer for your client(s) $500-1000 Grants:

    PSW Online Education Opportunities

    Distance learning for International Students
    Foreign national authorized to work in Canada is allowed to engage in online studies without a study permit.

    Since, by definition, distance learning does not require one to be in Canada, a study permit cannot be issued for this type of course. For example, if a foreign national authorized to work in Canada is prohibited from engaging in studies as per a condition of their work permit, they are allowed to engage in distance learning courses.

    If you are an RCIC having a client who is a PSW and requires acquiring a post-secondary diploma to qualify for an Immigration Application, now your client has an excellent opportunity to accomplish this goal via the Can-College Online PSW diploma program and without having any need of a study or changing current work permit condition(s).

    PSW Occupation is in demand. PSWs are employed in long-term care facilities, personal home care settings, retirement homes, supportive housing, group homes, adult day programs, hospitals, and educational facilities. The “MTCU” Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Ontario approved the PSW Diploma Program at Can-College to prepare students with a wide-ranging skill set that equips them to provide a comfortable and safe living environment for the individuals in their care.

    *The difference between "inducement", a Gift or a Referral fee

    Can-college has its programs and policies to offer referrals and incentives to individuals, including lawyers, paralegals or any other person working in a similar capacity.

    Many regulators have allowed this, and it is not against the law. 

    Generally, there is a difference between "inducement", a Gift or a Referral fee.

    "The purpose of inducements is to bring business into the brokerage, whereas incentives are used to motivate clients to move forward."

    Another example is, Some industry members confuse “inducements” and “incentives.” An inducement is anything a brokerage offers to a specific person to induce that person to enter into a specific transaction. A brokerage offers an incentive to the public/Members at large to attract business to the brokerage.

    Members of any specific organization are required to make such decisions on their own and according to their rules. 

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