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Allegations of Misconduct by Investigators or Others + Criminal Procedure Advanced - V

  • 18 Oct 2017
  • 18 Oct 2019
  • Accredit Video CPD



Allegations of Misconduct by Investigators or Others

Substantive: Criminal Procedure Advanced

This program contains _1/2_ Professionalism Hour(s).

This program is eligible for up to __1.0__ Substantive Hours

Educator: Justice Rick Libman Ontario Court of Justice

Learning Objectives:

 The circumstances in which a lawyer or paralegal must follow the rules of professional conduct and procedural notice requirements when the defence alleges that there has been misconduct by investigators or others who are associated with the prosecution. This topic will assist attendees to identify these points, timelines and understand various situations to act proactively, and avoid such conduct for the best interest of their practice and public and/or clients.

This workshop provides an overview of criminal procedure principles for those who have substantial familiarity or experience in the criminal law, but may be called upon to provide legal services to clients who ask for advice in relation to criminal law matters, whether currently the subject of charges or not, and which involve complex legal issues that are procedural in nature. Legal service providers will also benefit from having a general understanding of such criminal procedure principles, regardless of whether they practice in this area or are called upon to make a referral to other legal service providers who have more experience in this area. This workshop will also be useful to those who appear before courts, tribunals and boards that share jurisdiction in the field of criminal law, or deal with matters that arise as a result of a criminal charge or conviction and have consequences for the party found guilty of a criminal offence.

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