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Bar exam prep course registration page

Program Registration Portal

(Domestic Students Only)

If You have all required information and documents ready, this process may take 5-10 minutes to complete. We highly recommend to use a computer or laptop to complete this process.

If your admission and registration is approved, the college will issue following documents/access;

  1. Access to LMS for program delivery instructions.
  2. A Letter confirming your registration/enrollment for any given purpsoe.

Refund policy

          Bar exam prep courses

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          The Following are General Guidelines for Admission Requirements:

          Admission requirements are requirements or qualifications that students must meet in order for them to demonstrate the potential to successfully complete a program at C.C.E.C. 

          The applicant must attached the following **minimum credentials/required documents for enrollment consideration. 

          If you are interested to enroll/register in the course(s), please send the following details,/documents via the following green button. Please allow 2 to 3 business days for a proper reply and further instructions.

          1. Copy of your current Law Degree or transcripts
          2. Copy of your license or letter from the law society indicating membership status as a student at law or for the related exam.
          3. ​Copy of your Government-issued ID.
          4. Proof of your exam booking date/schedule (If applicable)
          Simply select your desired course from the following list and submit your registration request. You may selct one or more courses at the same time.

          The Ontario bar (LSO) exams consist of two open-book licensing exams: the barrister exam, and the solicitor exam. Each exam is 7 hours long and is composed of between 220 and 240 multiple-choice questions, answered on a scantron sheet. The exam questions are designed to assess a candidate’s competence in a variety of subject areas. The barrister exam is divided into sections that cover civil procedure, criminal procedure, family law, and public law, while the solicitor exam covers real estate, estate planning, and business law. Both exams include ethics and professional responsibility questions scattered throughout.

          Students who have registered to write the Ontario bar exams will receive study materials from the LSO 6 to 8 weeks before their exams. These materials are approximately 1600 pages in length (including both barrister and solicitor content) and they contain all the information required to pass the exams. Students must independently read and study this material to prepare for the exams, and many students prepare additional reference materials such as indexes and summaries. Students have a total of three attempts to pass each exam, and must pass both exams to be called to the bar in Ontario.

          As you begin preparing for the Ontario bar exams, you will likely have many questions about how to study effectively, what types of reference materials and study aids you’ll need, and what to expect on exam day. We have published a free resource, The Comprehensive Bar Exam Preparation Manual, to help answer these questions and walk you through the exam preparation process from start to finish. View Bar Exam Preparation Manual

          The LSO materials supports preparation through self-study alone. Can-College offers short condense bar exam prep courses, to help students better understand and remember the material they will be tested on. These resources are designed to supplement your readings with focused audio-visual instruction, and personalized support.

          Our course also include referal notes and material related to the course/subject.

          Important Notice:  A student is responsible to verify that they correctly input their Full Name as it appears on their Passport record as well as correctly input their date of birth and permanent or mailing address as required. This information will be used on Admission Letters and Contracts. This information can not be changed once the documents are issued by the college for visa purpose. 

          If you notice and error once the form is submitted, you may fix it instantly by editing your profile on this LMS system. Please select the Edit Profile link from the login section on the top right corner of this page.  The College is not responsible for any errors or mistakes on student contracts or LOA's once issued. 

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