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C.L.O.M.S.Canada Law Office Management Services Ltd 

Office Space Sharing Membership Agreement


Applicant signing up for office membership services agreement affirms his/her/its intent and consent to the following terms and conditions:

1-     Name and address of the member on an online registration application will be the legal name of the member.

2-     The date on online registration application will be the date of initiation the agreement.

3-     The Deposit amount paid with the registration application will be considered as a last month/security deposit. This deposit fee will be 100% refundable if the application is not approved.

4-     The Recurring Monthly Fee and price on the registration form or related plan website page at the time will be the agreed fee/price for the membership.

5-     The services and products mentioned in the registration application or the related plan website page will be the services covered under that plan.

6-     Payment Details:

i)       Member will receive rental invoice by email.

ii)      The invoice will always be sent on the 1st of the month or as per joining date.

iii)    Monthly invoices/statements include recurring charges billed in advance and variable expenses for the month prior.  Mailed billings are subject to an additional fee. 

iv)    Returned checks and declined EFT's are subject to a return fee @$50 per incident.

v)     Member invoice will be sent to the email address listed on the online profile or registration application form.

vi)    If any of Member contact information changes at any time, please make sure to let us know. It is always helpful for us to have the most current information.

vii)    Default in rental payment may result in suspension or termination of the contract without notice and access card will be deactivated by the system.

7-     Effective date and duration

  1. The date on which membership will be approved and conveyed in writing via email or fax or by hand will be the date of start of the agreement.
  2. This agreement will be in effect for a period of  1-2 months between the subscribed party and “C.L.O.M.S.”  thereafter until terminated in writing by either party.
  3. When the contract term is completed, the account will continue service on a month-to-month basis if the invoices are paid on time.

Non-Payment or Pas Due Balance:

In case the member does not pay the invoice with in 7 days from the date of issuance, the account will be suspended. If the invoice is not paid with in 10 days, member's access card will be deactivated and member may not  have access to assigned space/room or subscribed service(s).

If the invoice is not paid with-in 30 days, further recovery procedures will be initiated which may include sale or auction of left over belongings if any or a legal proceedings. 

8-     Monthly Payment Method:

i)       Online pre-authorized credit card payment

ii)      Bank or personal check

iii)    Electronic Funds Transfer

Member acknowledges that he/she has read all the foregoing provisions of the Membership Agreement, and all the provisions of the Terms and Conditions Rider that follow, and agrees to be bound by all those provisions.

9- Member's (CGL):

Member will carry their own insurance (CGL)


  • There is no designated free parking space for desk space rentals or virtual office members. Free and nu-restricted parking is available on the street.
  • Onsite parking space is limited to room rental client(s) only and one room rental may have one car parking space.

11-Use of common areas:

  • Kitchen:Please do not store or keep the open food or food packaging containing UN-finished food in the open area or the trash bin.
  • Use one appliance at a time to avoid tripping the circuit breaker.
Waiting lounge:
  • Please do not remove the chairs from the waiting lounge area to your room or desks
  • Keep the  area clean

12- Office furniture

Please do not remove or interchange furniture from other desks or rooms. If you need to make such change, contact the office manager for assistance.

13- Occupancy Limit

  • One person per desk.
  • Two persons per one desk agreement is not covered.
  • One person per room plus 2 to 3 guests depending upon size or rental package .

14- Surveillance Cams

The office is 24/7 monitored via security cam system and recording is kept for 30 days.

15- Mail Handling;

If you members has subscribed to this service, following may apply:

According to our standard policy for all members, all mail is handled according to the instructions of the member such as you. In other words, CLOMS will accept mail on your behalf and deliver to a person who has been identified by you according to your instructions.

The mail is received on your behalf at the front desk and then placed in a secured folder in or record room. Only two staff members have access to this room. Zain and Teresa. 

CLOMS must receive member's (your) instructions to deliver the mail to your client(s) if that has been received, and these instructions should be relayed via email ahead of time specifying the name of the receiver. We recommend at least one business day a head, to make sure that we have required document or information in our possession which needs to be delivered and it is made available at the from desk for pick. We do not recommend or consider walk in pick up especially when we have no prior instructions or sure if that package is available or not.


The following Terms and Conditions and the attached Schedules form a binding agreement between the above-named Member/Client (“Member/Client”) and “C.L.O.M.C. Office (“C.L.O.M.S.”): Your Online Registration Application indicates your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

1.                                Definitions. (a) “C.L.O.M.S.” Premises” means the business premises of “C.L.O.M.S.”, at 99 Sante Dr. Unit A Vaughan ON L4K 3C4 Canada; (b) “Office Premises” means the office and meeting space that “C.L.O.M.S.” provides and maintains for use by the Member/Member/Client, and(c)“C.L.O.M.S.”means those certain transportable telephone message hardware and related services described in this agreement.

2.                                Term. The term of this agreement will commence on the date hereof, and continue for 2-3 months unless terminated sooner in accordance with the terms hereof (the “Term”).

3.                                Renewal. If throughout the Term, Member/Client fully complied with all terms and conditions herein, this agreement will unless terminated for default, automatically continue until terminated in writing by either party. Member/Client accepts that the rates charged by “C.L.O.M.S.”  for the Services may change, upon notice to Member/Client, after the end of the Term.

4.                                Services Provided by “C.L.O.M.S.”.  “C.L.O.M.S.”  agrees to provide“C.L.O.M.S.” Member/Client with, and Member/Client agrees to pay for, any one or combination of the following services  pursuant to the terms of this agreement on a non-exclusive basis and upon the terms and conditions specified by “C.L.O.M.S.”  from time to time (the “Services”) : (a) office premises service, including mail handling services, the use of office and meeting space, photocopier machines, telephones and facsimile machines and access to agreed facilities; (b) telephone messaging and notification service, including transmission of telephone messages to Member/Client by means of voice, email, facsimile or other means; (c) telephone answering service, with live receptionists; (d) directory service whereby “C.L.O.M.S.” arranges to have Member/Client's name, phone number, and address printed in the telephone directory, including the White and Yellow Pages business listings, as well as on the directory board for the Office Premises; and(e) “C.L.O.M.S.”  Gateway service, including the use of specified transportable hardware capable of accessing the telephone message service system from locations other than the Office Premises.

5.                                Authorizations/Acknowledgements from Member/Client. Member/Client authorizes “C.L.O.M.S.” to perform tasks necessary to provide any or all of the Services to Member/Client, including, handling mail that is delivered to the “C.L.O.M.S.” Premises. Member/Client acknowledges receipt of the number of access pass/card (“Keys”) and that he/she/it shall pay $25.00 for each Key in addition to that number. Member/Client acknowledges and agrees that if all Keys are not returned to “C.L.O.M.S.” upon termination of this agreement, or specifically upon the termination of the provision of services by “C.L.O.M.S.” to Member/Client, Member/Client will be required to pay a re-keying fee in the amount of $50.00.

6.                                Obligations of Member/Client. Member/Client shall pay to “C.L.O.M.S.” throughout the Term and any renewal thereof, a monthly fee which amount shall be based upon the services provided by “C.L.O.M.S.” such fee to be payable in arrears on or before the 7th day of every month, for the month for which payment is being made. Member/Client shall comply with any reasonable instructions given by “C.L.O.M.S.” to Member/Client relating to the Office Premises and take all reasonable measures to prevent damage to the Office Premises. If the Services include the “C.L.O.M.S.” Gateway services, Member/Client, shall purchase such equipment and other materials necessary to operate the “C.L.O.M.S.” Gateway services from time to time (the “Gateway Hardware”), at the commencement of the Term.  The risk of loss, theft or damage to the  shall pass to Member/Client upon delivery to Member/Client.

7.                                Payment Terms. Upon execution of this Agreement, Member/Client shall be required to pay a deposit in the amount based upon services provided by “C.L.O.M.S.” to the Member/Client, inclusive of applicable taxes, on account of the last month's Services. “C.L.O.M.S.” shall provide Member/Client with an invoice for the monthly fee owing by Member/Client on or about the first day of every month, sent by “C.L.O.M.S.” to Member/Client at the most current e-mail address provided by Member/Client. Member/Client agrees to promptly inform “C.L.O.M.S.” of any changes to its e-mail address and/or other contact information. Member/Client may choose to receive its monthly invoices from “C.L.O.M.S.” via Canada Post regular mail for an additional $5 on each such invoice. All amounts  due to “C.L.O.M.S.” by Member/Client shall bear interest after the due date at a rate of ten percent, calculated and payable monthly, not in advance, both before and after default, expiration or termination of this agreement for any reason. All amounts listed in this agreement are in and are to be paid in, the currency of Canada, exclusive of applicable taxes that Member/Client is required to pay unless stated otherwise. Member/Client shall pay all amounts owing to “C.L.O.M.S.” by way of online credit card, electronic funds transfer, cheque, subject to “C.L.O.M.S.” consent. “C.L.O.M.S.” reserves the right to charge a security deposit or billing fee, in an amount specified by “C.L.O.M.S.” from time to time, for fees paid by Member/Client. Member/Client shall be required to pay all installation fees and charges, or as specified by “C.L.O.M.S.” from time to time. If “C.L.O.M.S.” chooses to require payments by way of electronic funds transfer, Member/Client agrees to provide any documentation, including pre-authorized payment forms, required by  “C.L.O.M.S.” bankers, from time to time.

7- B Non-Payment or Pas Due Balance:

In case the member does not pay the invoice with in 7 days from the date of issuance, the account will be suspended. If the invoice is not paid with in 10 days, member's access card will be deactivated and member may not  have access to assigned space/room or subscribed service(s).

If the invoice is not paid with-in 30 days, further recovery procedures will be initiated which may include sale or auction of left over belongings if any or a legal proceedings. 

8.                                Confidentiality. “C.L.O.M.S.” acknowledges that throughout the Term and any renewal thereof, it may receive confidential information relating to Member/Client's business affairs (“Confidential Information”). “C.L.O.M.S.” agrees during and after the Term to use all reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of all Confidential Information, and not to disclose any Confidential Information other than as required by law, to enable “C.L.O.M.S.” to provide any of the Services to Member/Client, and not to use any Confidential Information for its own or a third party's benefit or in any manner not approved in writing by Member/Client.

9.                                Non-Solicitation. Neither Member/Client nor Guarantor will, without “C.L.O.M.S.” prior written consent, during the one-year period following the expiration or termination of this agreement, directly or indirectly, hire, solicit, interfere with or entice away, from “C.L.O.M.S.” any employee of “C.L.O.M.S.” In the event of a breach of this paragraph, Member/Client agrees to pay to “C.L.O.M.S.” as liquidated damages, and not as a penalty, a sum equal to 100% of the employee's annual salary as of such employee's last day of employment with “C.L.O.M.S.” such payment shall be due and payable on written demand.

Cencellation and Termination

10.                                 Member or the service provider "CLOMS" may cancel or terminate the service at any time with or without any reason on a notice to party covering 30 days. I.e 30 days notice required which can be served via email.

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