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English Language Proficeincy Test - Overview


  • Format: (Online)
  • Time - Each test will have its own time limit

  • Versions: Academic Reading, writing and listening

  • Purpose: For CCEC College Admission.


  • You are not required to have this test, unless it is a pre-condition to your admission.
  • You will be required to take this test, if you have received instructions after issuance of enrolment contract or LOA. 
  • Read the instructions for each part of the test carefully. 
  • At the end of the test, you will receive your final test results with score online and via email.
  • You will require 60-75% score to pass this test.

Reading Profeciency Test Instructions 

Listening Profeciency Test Instructions

Writing Profeciency Test Instructions

First you must log into your profile from top right corner, and then use the above buttons to access and start the test online, one by one. 

  • You must complete & pass all the tests on or before the start date of your program.
  • You will have two attempts to pass the test. 
  • Your test results will be automatically sent to the College staff for record keeping

Exam Tutorial

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