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CPD House Events For RCICs - RISIA Since 2012

If you're looking for CPD House CPDs, you've come to the right place! 

To Verify the status of CPD approval from ICCRC, use this link and look for CPD House in the provider section and hit the search button.


Individual CPD

How to Register an individual course/event

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COVID-19 Discount Applied

Bundle CPD

Discount CPD Bundle Programs for RCIC-RISIA

Click Here for Bundle CPD

6 CPD Bundle $42; 10+ CPD $69; 16+ CPD $89

Group CPD Bundle

New Group (Joint Practice) Members Bundle 

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Extra Saving $45-60 per bundle

New In-ractice Discount

DISCOUN CPDS Membership PROGRAM for new In Profession (NIP) RCIC and RISIA.

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CCRC approved CPD event under this program are offered  at a @ $10-15 flat fee rate per event.  (Each event may have  2 or 3 CPD hours) The estimated toatl fee for 16 hours CPD will be under $80.

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