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CPD House Events For RCICs - RISIA

If you're looking for CPD House CPDs, you've come to the right place! 

A New Membership PROGRAM for licensed Immigration Consultants (RCIC), RISIA

ICCRC approved CPD events under this program are offered at a $10-15 flat fee rate per event. (Each event may have 2 to 3 CPD hours). Estimated fee for 16 hours CPD will be under $80 plus unlimited free past approved events and courses.

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Video CPD events 2020 (ICCRC)

CPD Events for ICCRC CPD Credits Since 2013

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Practice Management Events

Upcoming Live Events for 2020 CPD term

CPD Event Title: Accessing Government Information in Immigration/Citizenship Matters

Why this topic is important for your and your client?

There are situations when your client’s Immigration or temp. visa file may take too long to get a response, or your client has received a letter to provide further evidence or documents, or has been called for an interview or denied with generic reasons sent on a pre-printed refusal letter.

You may also have a client who may have several previous refusals on record, not only for Canada but also for the USA and UK, for example.

There are some other situations when you get a client who wishes to transfer his/her file to your office from another counsel and may have no record or copies filed with the IRCC.

There are situations when you may also face a disciplinary complaint, where a client may accuse you for not performing any work on his/her file.

In all the above and some other circumstances, it is in the best interest of all parties to get the entire file record from the Government (IRCC) or other provincial agencies.

This seminar will assist members in how to order, what to ask and how to understand the terms within the record when you get it.

CPD Event Title: Study Visa-Permit: Understanding the Eligibility and application process both in Canada and Outside

Learning objectives:

Every application has several elements to be considered and prepared before submissions. These elements are directly related to legislative authorities, procedural requirements and supporting documents. Other than that there are several other factors surrounding the applicant's situation/circumstances on a case to case basis. Not every applicant has the same needs or requirements.

This seminar will cover the required elements and factors and situations to protect the best interest of the client.

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