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Canadian Criminal Law-LSUC Bar Exam Prep. (v)

  • September 22, 2020
  • December 31, 2022
  • Online Video Format



Canadian Criminal Law- (Video)

LSUC the Bar Exam Prep. Course

Specially prepared and to the point learning material for bar exam perspective, this course will examine essential aspects of criminal law, including sources and types of offences, elements of offences and particular issues such as intention, knowledge, consent, causation, and omissions. Other topics to be addressed will include extensions of criminal liability such as aiding and abetting, counselling, attempts and corporate liability, and defences such as mental disorder, intoxication, necessity, duress, provocation and entrapment. Finally, the course will consider issues relating to the criminal justice process, sentencing and appeals.

The Honourable Mister Justice Rick Libman
PhD, LLM, LLB, BA, of the Ontario Court of Justice
Format: Video
Class Duration: 3-5 Hour per class
Course Duration: 3-5 Hours (Single Subject Course)
Application fee: N/A                   
Course Bundle Offer:  N/A

Licensing Examination;

Short 3-5-hour exam review program : Purely focusing on understanding, and answering questions, understanding exam writing, formatting and time management methodology. This program will also cover sample exams provided by respective law society guide for student guidance. Complete syllabi or guide is not covered.

Students are advised to follow respective law society guide and study/reading instructions to prepare themselves before LAPEC exam writing prep class, as they will have opportunity to comment, ask questions and receive feedback from educator during live and video format classes regarding areas which they don't understand or clear about.


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