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Service Delivery Confirmation Request-Letter From Canadian Career Education College

  • March 09, 2020
  • March 09, 2022
  • Deliverd via email


  • A student may pay before arrival in Canada. Service is not guaranteed
  • A fee paid for the service as an advance deposit.
    The fee is refundable if a student is unable to receive a student visa. CAD$ 15 refund processing fee may apply to administer the refund.


On-Demand No-Obligation Service Request Confirmation Letter

Types of services available: 

  1. Accommodation/Housing
  2. Student Health Coverage
  3. Airport Transportation

This service is for students who have received a Letter Of Acceptance (LOA) from Can-College and are in the process of apply for a visa and may need a written confirmation concerning Can-College arranging one or more of above services for them for their stay in Canada during the study period.

How to Apply:

A student must log in to his/her profile first to register. Once the request is received, you will receive an instant message via email with confirmation. Simply print and attach that as a proof of such an arrangement for a selected service.

Any change in your LOA or Enrolment contract may trigger the re-issuance of all the above letters. In that case, you must contact your admissions administrator for necessary changes

Some conditions may apply.


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